Sunday, January 8, 2017

College Hoops 2K17 (Coming Soon)

College Hoops 2K17

Hello everyone I´m Shuajota and I want to introduce you to the new and ambitious project that I Am doing jointly with my mate Manni.

This mod will turn your NBA 2K17 into an NCAA game completely.
You can feel the college experience because we will add more than 36 teams in the final version, with their logos, jerseys, jerseys selection, courts, stadiums, official ball, scoreboard and rosters.
The idea was by Manni and we ask me about this interesting project. I love it and we began to work hard.
Me, Shuajota I´m working n jerseys, rosters, logos, jerseys selection, and menu graphics while Manni is working in courts, stadiums and the scoreboard .
Also my mate d4ri0usgam3r help us with the NCAA ball.

Some Previews:

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  1. Hi there! I downloaded your mod following all of the instructions and when I got into the game the two teams were there, so at that point it was still working. Then when I started the game, it got to about 95% loaded and then crashed to the desktop. Then I tried removing the court texture files, the f008 and f031 and it worked perfectly just with NBA courts. If you know how to fix it so I can play with the real courts just let me know. Thanks!